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We Love Our Pups and What We Do!

All blends are safe to use on pups 3 months or older with no underlying health conditions. These are highly diluted blends, and more essential oils can be added if not achieving desired results. Blends can be used directly on your pup, in a diffuser, on a Pup Pak bandana or favorite blanket or toy. 

Sick Pup

Essential oil blend for the upset tummy pup. Massage oil onto belly to avoid runny poop, stinky toots, and other gross stuff. 

Calm Pup

Essential oil blend with CBD oil to calm the anxious pup. Apply to bandanna, massage into paws or belly, or diffuse in your home. 

Itchy Pup

Essential oil blend for pups with scratchins. Massage onto affected area at first sign of itch.

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